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Into Navajo Nation

Posted By Samantha Arens, Mar 20, 2012

After flying into Las Vegas we set off to drive 7 hours, across the state of Arizona, into the heart of the Navajo Nation. Window Rock, about 10 miles from the New Mexico border, is the capital and our destination. Leaving Las Vegas, we were floored by the vast expanse of desert. You can see the shadows of clouds moving over this huge land, rainstorms miles away, and so many colors—red earth, white grass, blue sky. After a brief stop to purchase buffalo jerky, we rolled into Kingman, AZ. It was snowing. The road we needed to take across the state was closed. Two hotel rooms for 10 people and 12 hours later, we were off again. The road was open. We passed through mountains and Flagstaff, with two feet of snow weighing down the branches of the pine trees. As soon as we got down from the elevation of the mountains the snow stopped. Miles of desert and innumerable Indian Trading Post signs later, and we crossed a cattle grate and were in the Navajo Nation. Horses grazing on the side of the road. Octagonal hogans. Beautiful land. Since we got in after working hours, the organization we’re working for—DNA People’s Legal Services—has graciously put us up in the one hotel in “town.” We are all happy to be here and looking forward to starting work tomorrow.