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A Helping Hand

Posted By Collin Kilpatrick, Mar 23, 2011

On Monday morning we sat in the upstairs of a large, bare room waiting to be joined by the Mississippi Center for Justice and University of Chicago to hear about what project we could contribute too. Although there were many exciting options and topics, John Stoller and I both were extremely excited about a project one of the attorneys needed two 2Ls to work on. We teamed up to work on the case of a local elderly couple who was struggling with a law suit from creditors on top of all the other turmoil in their lives.


John and I spent Monday familiarizing ourselves with the case and used Tuesday to develop questions we needed answered by the family to further our research. We then had the amazing opportunity to go meet the client in their home and had the chance to hear their story first hand. Both John and I have lived with our elderly family members and seeing the client in person was a powerful experience that reaffirmed we were doing the right thing. We went back to the Mississippi Center for Justice and honed in our research for what the real issues of the case were after we had found out more of the facts. We finished on Wednesday by writing memos about our final research and what student volunteers need to do next week to keep the case going in terms of research and amending our complaint. Overall we had a very rewarding experience and were very grateful to be working with such wonderful, talented, compassionate people. The only thing left to do is to send the Mississippi a UCD Law banner they can put up on the wall like other schools to demonstrate King Hall's appreciation for letting us come help their efforts in Mississippi.