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Why Did You Leave California?

Posted By Bonnie Shu, Mar 26, 2010

Everyone who learned that we left sunny California to go to Cleveland for our spring break always asked why anyone would do such a thing. For sure, Cleveland was freezing and rainy, but I'm pretty sure that all of us ending up falling in love with the city by the end of the trip. I mean, we were staying at a place called Camp Cheerful (I can't even make something like that up). Not only that, but everyone we met was so incredibly nice and hospitable, especially the Legal Aid Society. 

The Legal Aid Society is an amazing organization. Cleveland combats a whole slew of issues, particularly with foreclosures because of the economic slump--something Californians are also very familiar with. Some of the attorneys at LAS who typically focus their attention on consumer law have now completely devoted their time to dealing with foreclosures since their caseload keeps expanding. While we were there, some of us were assigned to try to recruit volunteer attorneys to assist with mediation so that the people of Cleveland could save their homes. Like the attorneys of LAS said, homes are a basic component of human dignity. Everyone wants and needs a home to call their own, which is why the foreclosure program is appropriately named "Save the Dream." Though Cleveland was recently named the "most miserable city," LAS is doing all it can to change that. 

Thank you to LAS for having us and all the great work that they do. Cleveland treated us well, and I can't wait to go back (but maybe in the summer next time). Pictures to come!