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Looking Back at Cleveland Spring Break 2010

Posted By Lindsey McNeill, Apr 2, 2010

When I first learned that the destination for this year's HALO trip was to Cleveland, Ohio, I immediately called my parents, who had spent several years living and working in the Cleveland area.  My father, in particular, was overjoyed with our group's decision to spend a week in Cleveland.  However, I had a hard time believing his praises for the city in light of Cleveland recently being named the most miserable city in America. 

I should have given my father more credit.  After spending a week in Cleveland, seeing the city, and meeting a large number of Cleveland natives, I can say that I absolutely love the city of Cleveland.  Even though it was frigidly cold (well...frigidly cold for us Californians), I genuinely enjoyed walking around the city and taking in the sites.

However, the city of Cleveland is not without its share of problems.  Venture ten minutes outside of the city and a once thriving city has fallen victim to the economic downturn.  The opportunity to work on a variety of projects during our time in Cleveland helped to expose our group to the problems facing Cleveland.  The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland went above and beyond to help make this goal a reality, helping to place students in a variety of positions which reflected their legal interests.  In addition to the legal opportunities provided to us during our trip, we were also able to get out in the community, working at a food bank and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.  All of these opportunities, in conjunction with the great people we worked with, made this an awesome spring break!

Thank you to the Legal Aid Society for being so welcoming and providing us with so many opportunities to help the greater Cleveland community.  Also, thanks you Scott and Ariel for coordinating this amazing experience.  I will never forget it!