Image Credits

The following images are used under permission:

Gel electrophoresis - Camille Barr

Color stained mollusk shells - Maurine Neiman

Stained Cells - Angela Stathos

Strawberries - UC Davis InnovationAccess

The following images are governmental works under the public domain:

Astronaut on Moon - NASA:

X-38 Experimental Craft - NASA:

Rocket Engine Blueprint - NASA

The following images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution or Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike:

Wind Energy - janie.hernandez55:

Mobile Phone Tower - Richard Smith:

Radio Satellite Dish - Edward Webb:

Admit One - Todd:

TGV - FaceMePLS:

Radio Satellite Dish 2 - Sids1:

Ethernet RJ-45 - Justin Marty:

Carbon Nanotube - Geoff Hutchison:

Mondavi Institute - prayitno:

High Speed Train - Dan Davison:

Programming Code - Michael Himbeault:

F-22 Raptor - Kmilo:

Test Tubes - [F]oxymoron:

Arecibo Observatory - Chris Amelung:

Canon 550D Vinyl - Dee7000: