Congratulations to the Mockingbird Team (Molly Miram, Anujan Jeevaprakash, Chris Machold, and Emilee Renner) for advancing to the Semifinals at the 2018 Mockingbird Challege in Montgomery, Alabama.

Special shoutout to Chris Machold for winning the award for Best Overall Advocate! 

To see more interschool competition achievements, please visit our Achievements page. 




Congratulations to 1L Cota Competition Winner, Kristen Khair! 

Congratulations to our champion for the 4th Annual Cota Competition Kristen Khair who won competing all by herself after her partner dropped out less than 24 hours before the competition!

To see all of our finalists and individual winners, please visit our 1L Cota Competition page


2018-2019 Interschool Competition Teams

Congratulations to those of you who made a team! Coaches will be in touch with you as competitions approach. For those who did not make a team, but still wish to compete in a mock trial competition, we will be hosting our annual intraschool Carr Competition, open to all King Hall students, in the Spring. 


Mockingbird Challenge: 

Anujan Jeevaprakash 

Chris Machold 

Emilee Divinagracia 

Molly Miram 


Fordham Kelly Competition: 

Harita Nandivada 

Tanvi Shah 



Chris Machold 

Harita Nandivada 

Molly Miram 

Tanvi Shah



Greg Lang

Niharika Sachdeva 

Taylor Lindsley 


Capitol City Challenge: 

Ashley Bateman 

Ashley Chang 

Coral Walker 

Kristen Khair