Congrats to the 2019 Frances Carr Competition winners, Emilee Renner and Anujuan Jeevaprakash!


For more info and pictures from the competition, please visit the Carr Competition page




2018-2019 Interschool Competition Teams

Congratulations to those of you who made a team! Coaches will be in touch with you as competitions approach. For those who did not make a team, but still wish to compete in a mock trial competition, we will be hosting our annual intraschool Carr Competition, open to all King Hall students, in the Spring. 


Mockingbird Challenge: 

Anujan Jeevaprakash 

Chris Machold 

Emilee Divinagracia 

Molly Miram 


Fordham Kelly Competition: 

Harita Nandivada 

Tanvi Shah 



Chris Machold 

Harita Nandivada 

Molly Miram 

Tanvi Shah



Greg Lang

Niharika Sachdeva 

Taylor Lindsley 


Capitol City Challenge: 

Ashley Bateman 

Ashley Chang 

Coral Walker 

Kristen Khair


McGeorge Ethics Competition:

Hillary Marston

Zachary Malinski

Lindsey Williams