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Updates on November 18th Pepper Spraying of Nonviolent, Unarmed UCD Student and Community Protestors

Posted By Rabia Paracha, Maytak Chin, Mo Sakrani, Dec 1, 2011

Students, please attend the Town Hall Meeting between the Graduate and Professional Students and the Chancellor tonight at 6pm in Roessler 66.  

In the Law Student's Association's (LSA) statement to the campus community, the LSA called for three things: 

  1. A timely and transparent review of the policies, orders, and tactics utilized during the protest and subsequent events;
  2. Request for law student representation on all investigative committees organized, including those formed by Chancellor Katehi, the UC Davis Academic Senate, and the UC Office of the President; and
  3.  That student concerns over continuous fee hikes, which led to the November 18th protest, not be forgotten.

LSA President, Rabia Paracha, worked with Vice Chancellor Fred Wood, Associate Vice Chancellor Castro, President Yudof in advocating on behalf of the students to ensure the first two concerns were addressed with immediacy. 

Today, VC Wood confirmed with the LSA President, Rabia Paracha, that, although originally only three seats were held for UC Davis students on the official investigative committee charged (two for undergraduate students and one for a graduate student), the law students have successfully obtained a seat for a law student to represent all professional students.

Please attend the Town Hall tonight as LSA President, Rabia Paracha, presents the Law Students Association official statement to Chancellor Katehiand emphasizes the importance of her redoubling efforts to reverse state cuts and actively advocate on behalf of the students at the UC, state, and national level, vehemently opposing any and all tuition increases.

Lastly, thank you to all those who have stepped up in the past weeks, despite it being so close to finals, to help address the recent events on campus.  Special thank you to NLG, ACLU, Maytak Chin, Mo Sakrani, Liam McKenna, Miles Prince, the Law Students Association Board, and our clinic professors, faculty members, and administrators for their support and leadership.

For those interested, below is an update on the King Hall community's response to the November 18, 2011, pepper spraying of seated, unarmed UCD students and community members protesting incredible fee increases to our education:

•    The King Hall community held an open forum for students, faculty, and staff to discuss the November 18th incident. Watch the complete video on the IntranetVideo

•    Members of the King Hall Faculty issued a letter to Chancellor Katehi:

•    King Hall's LSA issued an open letter to the campus community:

•    The Law School's Clinical Professors have issued a letter to Chancellor Katehi:

•    King Hall’s LSA received a letter from Vice Chancellor Fred Wood:

•    UC President Mark G. Yudof announced the appointment of Professor Cruz Reynoso (Professor of Law Emeritus and former California Supreme Court Justice) to chair the task force formed to address the pepper spraying of UC Davis students.

•    King Hall's chapter of NLG organized emergency Legal Observer Trainings for the campus community. Several law students attended and dedicated their time in serving as neutral legal observers at all student protests and gatherings. For more information, contact Hannah Labaree at and Kristy Blumeryer-Martinez, Co-Chairs of NLG.

•    NLG and ACLU at King Hall organized an effort for all of the law school's student organizations to sign a statement condemning the University's reaction to the protests.

•    Vice Chancellor Fred Wood confirmed the conclusion of contract negotiations between UCOP and former Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton with the LSA President, Rabia Paracha.  President Yudof has appointed William Bratton to lead an independent task force examining what led to seated, unarmed protesters being pepper-sprayed.  Bratton’s contract gives him 30 days to do his work before handing it over to a task force headed by our very own Professor Reynoso (former California Supreme Court Justice).  Composed of UCD students, faculty, staff and community members, the task force will review Bratton’s report and then submit recommendations to Katehi. In turn, Katehi will draw up a plan of action for Pres. Yudof.  The committee's make-up had originally only reserved 3 student seats -- 2 for undergraduate students and 1 for a graduate student.  However, VC Wood advocated on our behalf for a seat for all professional students.  

•    LSA President, Rabia Paracha, will appoint one law student to serve on behalf of all professional students on the committee investigating the pepper spraying of seated, unarmed protestors.  This appointment will be confirmed by Friday, December 2nd.  If you have not already done so, please email the LSA President's Director of Appointments, Natalie James, at with your interest on serving on an investigative committee.