Request LSA/RROC Funding

LSA provides funding for events planned and executed by King Hall student organizations, as well as events that benefit King Hall students more generally. LSA funding guidelines and procedures are located here

RROC (Recruitment, Retention, and Outreach Committee) separately funds student‐initiated, student‐led, and student‐organized programming designated for recruitment and retention of, or outreach to, the broader community, the student body of the law school, or specific communities therein. RROC funding guidelines are located here. See also the RROC Bylaws

Funding requests must be submitted at least at minimum by midnight the night before the LSA meeting at which the funding request will be voted upon. We encourage you to submit funding request earlier though to allow for unexpected delays. 

Funding request submission procedure:

  1. LSA and RROC funding requests should be submitted jointly using the form attached below. Please email the completed funding request form to

  2. Funding requests should be submitted to the LSA Treasurer at least one week prior to the event.

  3. Please check the King Hall Calendar to ensure that your event is not in conflict with LSA's scheduling guidelines.

  4. Funding requests are received by the LSA Treasurer and must receive a majority vote of the LSA Board for approval. Organization representatives are encouraged to attend the LSA meeting at which the organization's request is considered.

  5. If the funding request is approved, the LSA Treasurer will send a confirmation of the funding and instructions for reimbursement.

Download the Fund Request Form