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3Ls Countdown to Graduation!!! Important Information



3Ls Countdown to Graduation!!! Important Information

Posted By Erik Cuadros and Jesse Suarez, Feb 28, 2012

Class Gift Donations

Thanks to all those who have already contributed to the Class Gift. For those who haven't contributed yet, maybe this will help:

If we reach our community goal of $7500 and 75% participation, the family of one of our classmates has agreed to potentially match our contributions! That means for every dollar you contribute, King Hall will receive an equal contribution from the family if we reach our goals.

In addition to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from supporting the Class Gift, students who donate or have someone donate $25 or more in their name will receive a Class of 2012 old fashioned glass. For donations of $100 or more, students will receive a professional UC Davis School of Law portfolio as well as the old fashioned glass. If you would like to preview these items, they will be on display during each Countdown to Graduation event.

There are two ways to donate:

Giving through the Class Gift Form

  1. Grab the Class Gift Form and envelope that was placed in your mailbox near the computer lab.
  2. Fill out the form and put it in the envelope.
  3. Some notes about the Class Gift Form:
    • You can pay by cash, check, or credit card.
    • Third parties (e.g., parents) can pay on your behalf but must include your name on the "Gift on behalf of:" line.
    • There are a few additional programs and funds that you can allocate your donation to that are not listed on the form. Those are limited to:
      • King Hall Scholarship Fund
      • California Endowment Law and Policy Center
      • California International Law Center
      • Mabie Law Library and Classroom Technology
      • Megan Glanville Fund (Note: Checks to this fund must be made out to UC Davis Foundation.)
  4. Drop off the sealed envelope at the front desk of External Relations located next to the Deans' Suite.

Giving through the Online Giving Form

  1. Visit:
  2. Fill out the form as indicated on the site.
  3. A few notes about the Online Giving Form:
    • A third party may donate on your behalf. HOWEVER, they must include your name and class year in the "Additional Instructions or Comments" textbox.
    • There are a few programs and funds that you can allocate your donation to that are not listed on the form. Those are limited to:
      • Moot Court Program
      • King Hall Negotiations Team
    • Unfortunately, the school cannot process gifts to the Megan Glanville Fund through online donations.
    • Naming Opportunities: If you would like to purchase a naming opportunity, the student discounted rate does not apply to online donations. We recommend using the Class Gift Form so you can obtain the 50% student discount.

Picking-Up your "Thank You" Gifts

  1. Come to the next "Countdown to Graduation" event and pick up your Thank You gifts from your 3L reps, Jesse Suarez and Erik Cuadros.
  2. Please note: If you purchased a naming opportunity instead of allocating to specific funds, you do not qualify for the "Thank You" gifts.


Grad Check-List

If you have not done so already, please make sure you are on track to graduate. You can verify your status on the Intranet by going to this site:

If you see you have any number besides zero in the "To Complete:" field on the bottom, you should verify that the number of units you are taking this semester is accurately reflected in the "Currently Enrolled." If not, speak to the Registrar to figure out how to remedy this. If you didn't sign up for enough units this semester, talk to Dean Kulwin about last-minute units that you may be able to pick up.

Commencement Ceremony

Date: Thursday, May 17th, 2012 @ 2:00 PM
Location: Robert and Margarit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616
Keynote Speaker: TBA

Seating and Tickets

Although there are seating limitations, UC Davis School of Law has never had to turn away a student's party from viewing the commencement ceremony due to lack of seating. With student cooperation, we anticipate this year will fall in line with that expectation. As such, there are two options for viewing the Commencement Ceremony:

Seating in the Mondavi Center:

Accommodations in the Mondavi Center (MC) are limited and if we were to give every person the same amount, it would break down to roughly 6 tickets per person. However, we are implementing a more effective strategy that allows us to accommodate slightly larger groups.

At the end of March, the 3L Reps will send out a form for students to indicate how many seats in the Mondavi Center each party would like. After the deadline for requests passes, we will begin accommodate groups with the smallest numbers first. Thus, those who ask for two tickets will certainly have their entire request met, while those with parties larger than six run the risk of only having enough tickets for a portion of their group.

Due to the MC's own restrictions, everyone, including infants, needs to have a ticket even if they will be sitting in someone's lap.

Viewing from King Hall:

We will also be opening up as many rooms in the school as needed to accommodate everyone for a live stream of the ceremony. This option is ideal for: (1) large groups that prefer not to be broken up; (2) those family members whom will not commit until the last minute; (3) and anyone who you know is likely to disrupt the ceremony with crying, screaming or drunken heckling. If there is empty seating at the MC after ticketed persons have taken their seats, we will invite a number of people watching from King Hall to join us in the auditorium. Once the ceremony is over, everyone still watching from King Hall will be free to stroll over to the MC to take pictures like.

Live Online Streaming:

This year, we also plan to have the ceremony streamed live through UC Davis School of Law's Website. We will provide more information about this option as it becomes available.

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Jesse Suarez at or Erik Cuadros at