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LSA's Campus Community Message - November 18th, 2011 Pepper Spray Incident

Posted By Rabia Paracha, Dec 1, 2011

Dear King Hall Community Members, 

On Tuesday, November 22nd, at UC Davis School of Law (King Hall), the student body and faculty held an open forum discussing the events of November 18, 2011. As representatives of a law school committed to promoting the same ideals espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., our namesake, the Law Students Association Board deems it necessary to speak out.  

What transpired has elicited strong and passionate responses from the undergraduate and graduate student bodies at UC Davis, and also within the King Hall community. LSA recognizes and respects the diversity of opinions at King Hall, and the LSA Board strongly supports lawful discourse by students in accordance with constitutional values. We respect and encourage a nonviolent dialogue that keeps within our Principles of Community.

We advocate for a timely and transparent review of the policies, orders, and tactics utilized during the protest and subsequent events. Furthermore, we request for law student representation on all investigative committees organized, including those formed by Chancellor Katehi, the UC Davis Academic Senate, and the UC Office of the President. Finally, we urge that student concerns over continuous fee hikes, which led to these protests, not be forgotten. 


Rabia Paracha

Law Students Association President

On Behalf Of The 2011-2012 LSA Board

UC Davis School of Law