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2011 ELS Symposium Panels

Panel 1: Litigation arising from the BP Oil Spill

Litigation following the BP Oil Spill has been plentiful.  This panel will provide an overview of the litigation arising from the BP Oil Spill to demonstrate how federal and state law can be used to compensate those injured by the oil spill.  Additionally, this panel will present issues that may face California litigants should an oil spill occur off our coastline.

Panel 2: Federal and State Political Adjustments to Assess Oil Drilling Disasters

The BP Oil Spill forced government agencies to reassess their procedures and preparation for oil drilling disasters.  Federal and state agencies have reevaluated their permitting processes as well as created agencies specially prepared to respond to offshore oil disasters.  This panel will discuss the reorganization of federal agencies to prevent future disasters and how California agencies are prepared to respond to an offshore oil disaster should one occur off its shoreline.

Panel 3: The Future of Energy Policy

The BP Oil Spill can be partially attributed to the United States’ reliance on fossil fuels.  Given the dangers associated with such drilling, there is some urgency to adopt cleaner and safer energy production.  This panel will assess the implications and viability of future California and the United States’ energy policies reliance on fossil fuels.