Student Organizations

Students at UC Davis School of Law participate in many active groups in addition to their coursework and studies. A full listing of contact information for Student Organization Officers is available.

Student Run Journals

The UC Davis Law Review publishes five issues annually. Four issues contain scholarly works by professionals and students in the traditional law review format; one issue is a symposium that deals in depth with a selected topic of interest to legal scholars and practicing lawyers. Past symposia receiving nation-wide attention have dealt with rules of evidence, the death penalty, constitutional law, labor law, jurisprudence and comparative law, law and medicine, and family law.

UC Davis Law Review Web Site

The Business Law Journal was the first business law journal in the nation to electronically publish articles written by professionals, academics, and law students using a concise, journalistic style. The Journal is currently published in both electronic and hard-copy format. The Journal is run by dedicated law students who are committed to providing current and valuable legal and business analysis. The Journal also features student-conducted interviews with attorneys, professionals, judges, and academics. While traditional law journals are heavy on academic theory and light on practical information, the BLJ is a tool for users to obtain quality legal and business content that is easily accessible.

Business Law Journal Web Site

Environs is a biannual environmental law and policy journal edited and produced by King Hall students. The journal supports an open forum for the discussion of current environmental issues and publishes articles from professors, practitioners, and students.

Environs, Environmental Law & Policy Journal Web Site

The Journal of International Law & Policy is a biannual journal in existence since 1995, produced by King Hall students with an interest in international law. The purpose of the Journal is to promote the study of international law and policy through academic analysis of contemporary international issues, publishing and marketing original legal research written both by professional and student authors. The Journal is published two times per year.

Journal of International Law & Policy Web Site

The Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy is a biannual publication of the UC Davis School of Law that addresses the unique concerns of children in the American legal system. Initially a product of the creativity and activism of a small group of King Hall students, called the Advocates for the Rights of Children (ARC), the Journal has evolved into a vigorous organization committed to providing practical and timely information about current juvenile, family, and educational law issues. The goal of the Journal is to provide a forum for discussion and to encourage community awareness and involvement in issues that affect children.

Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy Web Site

The Social Justice Law Review is UC Davis School of Law’s dedicated public interest journal, which aims to promote the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s work by publishing unique, engaging pieces of scholarship relating to social justice.

The Social Justice Law Review provides scholars and practitioners the opportunity to publish their articles with one of the top public interest law schools in the nation.

Students who work on the Journal have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of important and cutting edge issues relating to social justice and to contribute to the publication of important pieces of scholarship. The Journal is an expansion of the prior Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy, which was in publication for 23 volumes.

Social Justice Law Review Web Site


The King Hall Negotiations Team (KHNT) educates students, faculty, and community members about alternatives to trial. The team focuses primarily on providing opportunities for students to hone their negotiations, client counseling, and mediation skills. Annually, the team organizes law school seminars, intra- and inter-school competitions and a guest speaker series. KHNT also supports students representing the school in ABA and other competitions, by providing practice sessions and strategic coaching.

King Hall Negotiations Board Web Site

The Trial Practice Honors Board (“TPHB") develops excellence in trial advocacy within an atmosphere of fair and honest competition. It seeks to foster interest in trial work throughout the law school.

Trial Practice Honors Board Website

Moot Court, also known as Appellate Advocacy, is a year-long program that allows law students to gain practical skills and experience in appellate advocacy. The Moot Court Board provides support to students participating in the program by acting as mentors, scheduling competitions, organizing the annual Neumiller Competition, and more. Please explore our site to learn more about the UC Davis Moot Court program and our award winning advocacy teams.

Moot Court Web Site

Law Student Association

The Law Students Association (LSA) is one of three student governments in the UC Davis community, along with the undergraduate student government (ASUCD) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA). The primary purpose of this organization is to create a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to student interests and concerns. The LSA's Board provides opportunities for discussion of student interests and determination of student activities. The LSA advocates for the law students and serves as the law students' liaison to the Law School's administration, staff, and faculty. LSA administers funds for a number of student activities and organizations, including the school newspaper, student caucuses, speakers and events. All King Hall students are members of the LSA and are encouraged to participate.

Law Students Association Web Site

Student Organizations

The ACLU at King Hall works to preserve and guarantee the protections of the Constitution's Bill of Rights. We aim to extend these freedoms to segments of our population who have traditionally been denied their rights, including people of color; lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people; women; mental-health patients; prisoners; people with disabilities; and the poor.

The ACLU at King Hall will be working to increase fair access to our constitutionally guaranteed right to the ballot and increasing awareness of the human and civil right abuses occurring in our time. The ACLU has always been committed to providing legal aid to the underprivileged.  However, the ACLU does not discriminate as to whom we extend our services.  The ACLU has been known to represent parties regardless of socioeconomic or political stance.  Activities and events include poll observation, voting registration, educational events and lobbying visits.

ACLU website

The American Bar Association is the major national professional organization for attorneys. The Law Student Division provides students an opportunity to participate in the ABA while still in law school. Through the LSD, law students can become involved at national, circuit and local levels. The ABA-LSD offers such programs as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, the Client Counseling Competition and the National Appellate Advocacy Competition. Members receive subscriptions to the ABA Journal and The Student Lawyer. Also, they may join Sections focusing on different substantive areas of practice such as Antitrust, Torts and Insurance, and Science and Technology. Section members receive publications and monographs by leaders in the field.

The American Constitution Society is a national organization of law students, law professors, judges, practicing lawyers and others. ACS seeks to revitalize and transform the legal debate from law school classrooms to federal courtrooms, to the congressional hearing rooms where judicial nominations are weighed. ACS facilitates the exchange of ideas about law and policy through speeches, debates, symposia, student meetings, research, and discussion.

American Constitution Society Web Site

APALSA is an organization of law students interested in Asian-American legal issues and in the growth of the Asian-American legal community. APALSA sponsors social activities, speaker series, and community service events, fostering relationships with professors and practicing attorneys to educate the community about Asian-American issues.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association Web Site

BLSA is a charter member of the National Black Law Students Association, dedicated to increasing the number of lawyers sensitive to the unique problems and needs of the Black community. BLSA assists prospective applicants during the admission process, is active in the concerns of the Black community, and has developed ties with the northern California legal community.

Black Law Students Association Web Site

The Business Law Society (BLS) is for students who are interested in learning more about opportunities in the business law field. BLS focuses on providing students with access to information concerning the study and practice of business law, courses, scholarships, and careers. Furthermore, BLS provides opportunities to network with alumni, attorneys and business leaders in the business law field to discuss current business law and policy issues.

The Christian Legal Society is a nationwide organization of attorneys, judges, and law students. CLS at King Hall is an inter-denominational group of Christians, mostly of law students, but open to any UC Davis student (grad or undergrad) or lawyer who would like to worship and study with the group.

Christian Legal Society Web Site

The Coalition for Diversity exists to increase the numbers of traditionally underrepresented students at King Hall through recruitment efforts that include pre-law workshops, mentorship programs, and admitted student receptions. Coalition also works towards retention by collaborating with student groups and administration in creating a diversity-friendly environment where all identities are valued and able to develop. Our overall mission is to create an atmosphere of solidarity at King Hall in a way that improves the quality of education and diversity of the legal field. All are welcome to join.

The Criminal Law Association provides opportunities to learn about the practice of criminal law. The association is designed for open debate and discussion as well as career enhancement for students interested in criminal law. Membership consists of both prosecution- and defense-oriented students, and is open to anyone with an interest in criminal law.

The Entertainment and Sports Law Society is dedicated to helping students pursue legal careers in the ever-growing entertainment and sports industries. The group sponsors guest speakers including King Hall alumni who have enjoyed successful careers in entertainment and sports law. The club also maintains a journal of student-authored articles concerning today's pressing legal issues in these dynamic fields.

Entertainment and Sports Law Society Website

The Environmental Law Society provides opportunities for students to further their interest in environmental and natural resources law through fun and educational programs. ELS seeks to educate and raise awareness about current environmental debates and policies. We network with the professional community for support, guidance, and information about the environmental practice arena. ELS hosts environmental speakers, keeps apprised of educational and career opportunities for students, and plans King Hall's annual environmental law symposium.

Environmental Law Society Web Site

The Federalist Society is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom and that the separation of powers is central to our Constitution. The Society seeks to promote an awareness of these principles and to further their application through its activities.

The purpose of the Filipinx Law Students Association is to educate the Law School community and UC Davis about legal issues affecting Filipinxs and Filipinx Americans.

Health Law Association explores all the different avenues of health law. Health law is a growing field which encompasses public health, managed health care, bioethics, reproductive rights, and medical malpractice. The organization also works on projects with the UC Davis Medical School and the Veterinary School on various healthcare and public policy issues.

The Humanitarian Aid Legal Organization (HALO) is a group of law students dedicated to "providing free legal aid to those individuals in need of legal assistance." Group members dedicate their time to fundraising and planning a trip to provide this service to those in need during spring break.

Humanitarian Aid Legal Organization Web Site

Formerly known as Law Students for Reproductive Justice, If/When/How trains, networks, and mobilizes law students and legal professionals within and beyond the legal system to champion reproductive justice. Together, in collaboration and conversation with communities, organizations, and movements, the UC Davis Chapter of If/When/How is working to ensure all people—especially those most likely to face reproductive injustice—have the ability to decide if, when, and how to create and sustain families with dignity, free from discrimination, coercion, or violence.

The Immigration Law Association at UC Davis(ILA) is an organization of students and faculty dedicated to raising awareness of migration issues. The ILA complements the practical opportunities of the Immigration Law Clinic at UC Davis by focusing on the following elements:

  • Multidisciplinary outreach
  • Policy analysis
  • Network building

The ILA promotes these goals by hosting speaker panels, research workshops and participating in wider initiatives on and off campus that focus on migration both as a domestic and global phenomenon.

Immigration Law Association

The Jewish Law Students Association is a fun, supportive community for Jewish students at King Hall, we hope you will join us this year!

Jewish Law Student Association website

The committee consists of elected 3L, 2L and 1L students who work to promote financial integrity in King Hall. The Law Student Association created the committee in spring 2013 with the purpose of establishing a formal mechanism for King Hall students to obtain information about and present student views on budgetary policy at King Hall. The LSA bylaws require the committee to collect information on the total cost of attending King Hall and law school expenditures. This information will then be relayed in the blog, emails to student body, and town hall meetings as needed. Specifically, the bylaws require the committee to work with the King Hall administration to report on the following topics: the cost of attending King Hall, the Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition plans, the expenditures and revenues of the law school, and the availability and distribution of financial aid.

King Hall Budget Policy Committee website

The King Hall Chinese Law Students Association (KHCLSA) aims to promote Chinese culture and bring awareness of China related laws and policies within UC Davis School of Law. KHCLSA also aims to build a community among students with Chinese background at the law school, as well as other students who are interested in Chinese culture. KHCLSA is committed to enrich the experience of its members during their study at Davis; assist the members with their professional and academic development; and keep them connected after graduation.

The Perfect Tender Child Care Co-op is a non-profit daycare cooperative for PARENTS who are also law students at the University of California, Davis School of Law. The cooperative is unlike anything provided at law schools throughout the nation. It is run by parents of children, who also happen to be students at the law school. We welcome prospective students with children to visit the nursery and speak with the parent students.

Perfect Tender Child Care Co-op Web Site

Founded in 2007, King Hall Families provides a community for families and a forum for family issues at King Hall. Our mission is to build a support network for student-parents, foster a family-presence at King Hall, and promote family issues within the legal community at large.

King Hall Families Website

The purpose of the King Hall Golf Club is to support students interested in golf. We hope to provide an opportunity for students already interested in the game of golf to play and network with their fellow students and local attorneys. We would like to give students who are interested in sport, an opportunity to try it out without assuming the full financial cost associated with the game.

The KHIPLA provides opportunities to learn about Intellectual Property law practice by sponsoring lectures, employment forums, social events and informational meetings with law firms. Membership is open to all UC Davis School of Law students interested in this exciting, fast-paced and growing field. Current members include students who are interested in copyright, trademark and patent laws.

King Hall Intellectual Property Law Association Web Site

The King Hall International Law Association (KHILA) is the premier student organization promoting opportunities to study, research, and network in public and private international
law. KHILA serves as a diverse community of law students that possess an intellectual curiosity for international issues including human rights, global finance, technology and communication matters, as well as a passion for public service and desire to influence policy-making. In addition to bringing in international law experts to speak throughout the year, KHILA participates in an annual Symposium hosted by the UC Davis Journal of International Law & Policy. KHILA strives to shape globally minded and informed citizens by fostering mutual understanding and by raising cultural awareness, to establish relationships between law and policy advocates, and to encourage exploration for careers in international law and policy.

The King Hall Labor and Employment Law Association is a group of students interested in pursuing careers in a broad and diverse area of law. Our members’ interests vary from collective bargaining, to employment discrimination claims.  While KHLELA seeks to focus on volunteer and pro-bono opportunities for students during the school year, we welcome all students whose legal interests relate to the workplace.  We hope to provide a platform for students to connect with local employers so that our students can build the relationships and experience they will need for the future. 

The King Hall Legal Foundation is a non-profit public interest law foundation founded in 1978. KHLF is dedicated to promoting law and law-related efforts in the public interest and to addressing the needs of those without adequate access to legal services. The KHLF is financed by contributions from King Hall students, alumni, and community members. The Foundation provides financial and other assistance to community organizations, and students and attorneys involved in public interest projects. The Foundation holds an annual auction in support of the KHLF Summer Grants Program benefiting law students involved in public interest volunteer projects.

King Hall Legal Foundation Web Site

The King Hall Negotiations Team (KHNT) educates students, faculty, and community members about alternatives to litigation. The team focuses primarily on providing opportunities for students to refine their skills in negotiation, client counseling, and mediation. In addition to encouraging students to take alternative dispute resolution courses, KHNT also hosts law school seminars, intra- and inter-school competitions, and a guest speaker series. The team also prepares students to represent UC Davis in external competitions at the regional, national, and international levels by providing practice sessions and strategic coaching. Membership selections occur each spring based on an application process that includes mandatory participation in the spring Intraschool Negotiations Competition. However, students are highly encouraged to participate in other KHNT events hosted throughout the school year.

The purpose of the King Hall Running Club is to be an inclusive organization open to all students interested in running or becoming more active. Law school and the legal profession as a whole are not very conducive to staying healthy and spending time outdoors, so this organization is hopefully a way we at the law school can promote healthy habits, specifically running and connect with our fellow students.

The King Hall Veterans Association provides a venue to connect current, former, and future King Hall student veterans. We hope to increase the interest in and knowledge of the issues affecting the veteran community at large, and to provide open and frank conversation about military experiences and culture. We wish to demystify the Armed Forces and counter military stereotypes and generalizations by providing a recognized organization of open-minded veterans and military members willing to respectfully discuss and debate any and all issues that are of interest to the rest of the King Hall community. We accomplish our goals by hosting events and providing opportunities for networking, interaction, and debate.

King Hall Veterans Association

The King Hall Wine Law Society (KHWLS) was founded to recognize the plethora of interactions between the law and the alcohol industry. These interactions include, but are not limited to, agriculture and land use, production, distribution, and regulation. UC Davis School of Law is uniquely situated to work with alumni and geographic connections among Napa Valley wineries, Anderson Valley breweries, Sacramento Valley distributors, Capitol Hill regulators, and many more places in Northern California. KHWLS hosts speakers and programs around the year from throughout the industry for students, faculty, and guests to engage in educational lectures and discussions.

King Hall Wine Law Society

The King Hall Lambda Law Students Association is composed of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA+) and allied students, faculty and staff at King Hall. Lambda's mission is community, education and activism. To that end, Lambda hosts social and networking events with the goal of building community at King Hall. We coordinate with SacLegal and Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF) to connect students with queer legal practitioners and host panels and events centered on queer and radical lawyering. Lambda also sponsors events that raise awareness of LGBT legal issues on campus and in the community.

Each Fall, we offer a big/little sibling mentoring program where new students are paired with a 2L or 3L in Lambda who can provide them with additional support throughout their 1L year. We also host a speaker every Spring for our Annual Bill Smith Lecture. 

Email co-chairs Cali or Cameron directly with any questions or to be added to the Lambda listserv. 

Lambda Law Students Association Web Site

Founded in the early 1970's, La Raza Law Students Association is dedicated to increasing the number of Chicanos and Latinos in law school and the legal profession. To further this goal, La Raza actively engages in the recruitment of undergraduate students, academic and professional support for our current students, and the hiring process of faculty of color. La Raza also sponsors several events and activities throughout the year to promote awareness of issues facing the Latino community and to share the Latino culture and identity. La Raza has demonstrated to be one of the largest and most active law student organizations at King Hall.

Latinx Law Student Association Web Site

Keep your ears open for Law Cappella, King Hall's a cappella group. Comprised of enthusiastic law students, this group is aimed at bringing a little pleasure to the lives of King Hall students through music. In February, Law Cappella embarrasses students, staff and faculty alike with Singing Valentines.

Medical Legal Advocates brings Davis law students and medical students together to encourage collaborative discussion and action in aiding marginalized people. Both UC Davis medical and legal clinics serve marginalized communities through legal representation, services, and medical treatment. The central objective of the club is providing legal materials to UC Davis medical clinic waiting rooms for patients in order to better serve low-income and marginalized communities. MLA also works to empower student doctors by informing them of the basics about the laws that affect their patients.

Medical Legal Advocates website

The Middle Eastern and South Asian Law Student Association (MESALSA) is a cultural organization that provides outreach and retention services to incoming and 1L students and promotes community involvement. MESALSA's outreach and retention services begin with assisting South Asian and Middle Eastern undergraduate students with law school applications and continue along the 1L year by providing academic support, course advising, and career counseling.  In addition, MESALSA provides students with a whole host of opportunities to network with various Middle Eastern and South Asian bar associations throughout the country, including local networking receptions and national conferences, as well as opportunities to build professional relationships while developing legal skills by volunteering for pro bono legal work alongside practicing attorneys.  Finally, MESALSA provides students with opportunities throughout the year for social events and cultural celebrations

The Muslim Law Students Association at King Hall seeks to facilitate cultural, religious, academic, and professional development of its members through innovative programs and events. The organization was founded in 2005, with the goal of advocating for UC Davis Muslim law students and educating our peers about Islam and important legal issues affecting Islamic societies. Since then, MLSA has organized many successful events, ranging from the Annual Ramadan Dinner at King Hall to "Minority Reports," a bold and diverse look at race relations in America. MLSA has also organized and co-sponsored other events aimed at raising awareness of issues important to Muslims, including social and political justice, equality, and race relations. MLSA is the local chapter of the National Muslim Law Student Association.

National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is comprised of law students and lawyers who are committed to a variety of social justice issues. The NLG’s mission is to follow the call of the founders of the Guild to work for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. NLG at King Hall has worked on many issues, immigrant rights, affirmative action, the death penalty, torture and gender issues.

National Lawyers Guild Web Site

The UC Davis chapter of the Native American Law Students Association devotes a substantial amount of its efforts to community education, promotion of legal careers in Indian law and in providing relevant curriculum for American Indian students.

PDP is an international organization founded in 1869 in order to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in the legal community.

Formerly known as Students United for Reform and Justice (SURJ), the Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI) strives to bring King Hall students together to collectively recognize and respond to the massive injustices that persist in the American criminal justice system. Through a combination of community education efforts, service-based initiatives, and policy advocacy, SAMI seeks to build compassion and awareness within the King Hall student body regarding these injustices as well as create future leaders that will bring these important messages out to the community at large and catalyze real change.

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) at UC Davis is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives and advancing the interests of animals through the legal system, and raising the profile of the field of animal law. To further these goals, SALDF engages in on-campus activities, including: hosting speakers, debates, and conferences on current issues in animal protection law; carrying out research projects for lawyers and organizations promoting animal protection; networking with students at other law schools, colleges, universities, and high schools; and conducting educational events such as information tables and video screenings on pertinent issues.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at UC Davis

The Tax Law Society works to educate members and the Law School community about careers in tax law. Many members also participate in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA). VITA participants are trained by the IRS and FTB agents to prepare tax returns and provide tax informational and preparation sites on campus and in the local community. NOTE: The Tax Law Society will not be offering a 2007 VITA program.

For information on the nearest IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program, please visit:, or call the IRS Tax Help Line for Individuals (800) 829-1040. Thank you for your interest in the King Hall VITA program.

Tax Law Society Web Site

The King Hall Mentorship Program organizes the annual assignments of 2L and 3L mentors with incoming King Hall students with similar interests.  The groups are commonly referred to as Big Sibs and Lil Sibs.  The program is intended to allow incoming students to ask returning students any questions about King Hall, studying, outlining, life in Davis, etc.

The Water Association of Law and Policy student group will provide a venue to learn about and be involved in pressing water issues in California and beyond, including issues having to do with property rights, social justice, and water politics. WALP strives to bring attention to water issues through field trips, speaker events including a water law career panel, and community outreach volunteer opportunities.

Water Association of Law and Policy Website

The Women's Law Association (WLA) provides a diverse and forward-thinking community for women at King Hall. It aims to create an environment that encourages and analyzes an informed dialogue on issues related to women, gender, race, law, and society. WLA intends to educate the community about intersectionality through allyship and a broad-based exchange of ideas. We make space for critical discussion regarding the challenges that women face in the legal field, including, but not limited to, implicit bias, unequal pay, and disparate power structures.

Women's Law Association