King Hall Women's Law Association

photo of Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller, Class of 2018

Amanda graduated from Northwestern University in 2015 with a double major in Linguistics and Legal Studies, and a minor in Creative Nonfiction Writing.  She has greatly enjoyed her 2+ years on KHWLA’s Board, first as a 1L Representative and then as Secretary.  Along with serving as KHWLA’s Chair, she is also an Articles Editor for the UC Davis Law Review.  She aims to break stereotypes about women in her everyday life, mostly by giving very hearty handshakes and eating a ton of ice cream.

photo of Andreanne Breton
Andreanne Breton, Class of 2018

Andreanne graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in English Language and Literature.  In addition to her role as Treasurer for KHWLA, Andreanne is a Senior Articles Editor for the UC Davis Law Review.  Outside of law school, Andreanne enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. 

photo of Jon Ivy
Jon Ivy, Class of 2020

Jon Ivy has lived and worked in Northern California for most of his life.  He is a veteran and long-time civil servant with a passion for progress and devotion to social justice.  He has a BA in History from Excelsior College in Albany, NY and a AA in Chinese Mandarin from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA.  Before coming to King Hall, Jon worked as the Voter Access Coordinator for the California Secretary of State, and he remains active in helping shape election management policy through ongoing advocacy and public outreach. In his free time, Jon loves talking to people about the world we live in, playing board games, dancing, and singing karaoke.

photo of Kendra Clark
Kendra Clark, Class of 2019
Reproductive Justice Chair

In the course of her undergraduate studies, Kendra began her focus on Women's Rights with her Women's Studies Minor.  In law school she expanded her focus, taking on responsibility as a leader of multiple boards devoted to Women's Rights.  In addition to her role as Reproductive Justice Chair on the board of the King Hall Women's Law Association, Kendra also serves as the President of If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice.  In her free time, Kendra enjoys smashing the patriarchy and spending time with her sweet dog, Harvey.

photo of Meena Visvanathan
Meena Visvanathan, Class of 2019
Professional Development Chair

Meena graduated from University of California, San Diego in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Political Science.  She wrote her undergraduate thesis on the under-representation of women in U.S. state legislatures.  After graduation, she worked in the Office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.  Meena served as a Legislative Correspondent on the Senator's Judiciary Committee staff and as a Staff Assistant in Washington, D.C.  She also served as the Senator's Special Assistant in San Francisco.  At King Hall, Meena is an Associate Member of the Immigration and Nationality Law Review.  This past summer, she worked as a legal intern in the San Francisco City Attorney's Office.  Her professional interests include immigration and civil rights law. 

photo of Hyun Won Bae
Hyun Won Bae, Class of 2019
Fundraising Chair

Won graduated from Smith College, Northampton, MA, in 2011 with a double major in Government and Economics.  During college, she served as a senator representing her house, was a member of Smith College Investment Club and Korean-American Students of Smith.  Won received her Master of Letters from Christie’s Education, London, U.K., a joint Master’s program with the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, in 2014. Her thesis was The Deceptive Truth: Convex Mirrors in the Renaissance.  At King Hall, she is involved in UC Davis Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA), King Hall Women’s Law Association (KHWLA), and UC Davis Journal of International Law & Policy (JILP).  She was and is a member of APALSA, was a 1L representative and is a fundraising chair of KHWLA, and was a research editor and is a symposium chair of JILP.  In her free time, Won enjoys visiting museums, watching movies, and traveling.

photo of Taylor Foland
Taylor Foland, Class of 2020
1L Representative

Taylor graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2017 with a degree in Medieval History and Art History. During college, she played soccer, was an organizer for a student-run arts festival, and co-founded a feminist book club.  She focused her undergraduate studies on women and gender in the medieval period and wrote her undergraduate dissertation on female identity creation through religion in late medieval Europe. She is excited to translate her interests in women's history into her studies of the law. Outside of law school she enjoys cooking and mosaic-ing.

photo of Emily Gifford
Emily Gifford, Class of 2020
1L Representative

Emily Gifford graduated from University of California, Irvine in 2015 with a major in Social Ecology and minors in Business Management and Political Science.  During college, Emily was a research assistant in a psychology lab, through which she presented an independent study that examined the effects of a child's socioeconomic status, age, and ethnicity on his or her susceptibility to legal-like angled questions.  She hopes to use her research experience in a public sector role to address intersectional issues.  At King Hall, Emily is serving as the 1L representative for the Health Law Association and as a below line editor for Environs.  Outside of law school, Emily claims to enjoy hiking but actually prefers exploring new cities and coffee shops and spending time with friends and family.

photo of Ran Xi
Ran Xi, Class of 2020
1L Representative

Ran graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a major in English language and literature in 2017.  During college, she organized lectures in women’s issues, and volunteered for Association of Tennis Professionals.  Her senior thesis is about androgyny and self identity in two literature works.  She is interested in entertainment law and women’s law.

photo of Sylwia Dakowicz
Sylwia Dakowicz, Class of 2020
1L Representative

Sylwia was born in Poland but she has spent the better part of her life in Chicago, IL. She received her degree in Economics and Environmental Studies from Lake Forest College. Before attending law school, Sylwia worked at an international bank as an anti-money laundering analyst.  While in Chicago, she mentored high school girls to prepare them for college and professional careers. She is interested in energy law, women’s rights issues, animal rights, and helping under served communities gain legal access. Sylwia is passionate about coffee, hiking, yoga, traveling, and mystery novels.

photo of Professor Lisa Pruitt
Professor Lisa Pruitt
Faculty Advisor

Professor Lisa Pruitt's career spans the globe, literally and figuratively.  Before joining the UC Davis law faculty in 1999, she worked abroad for almost a decade in settings ranging from international organizations to private practice.  Professor Pruitt worked with lawyers in more than 30 countries, negotiating cultural conflicts in several arenas.  It is not surprising that a common theme of her research interests is how law and legal institutions manage and respond to cultural difference and cultural change.