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We welcome the following speakers at the 2017 ELS Symposium

Renata Brillinger, California Climate and Agriculture Network

Sonja Brodt, UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute

Danny Cullenward, Carnegie Institution for Science

Jeffery Greenblatt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Irene Gutierrez, Natural Resources Defense Council

Benjamin Houlton, John Muir Institute of the Environment, UC Davis

Alexa Kleysteuber, California Environmental Protection Agency

Jonathan London, UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Jay Lund, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Margaret Minnick, California Air Resources Board

Jennifer Lester Moffitt, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Gabriel Monroe, California Air Resources Board

Nancy Pfund, DBL Partners

Alana Sanchez, California Energy Commission

Alvaro Sanchez, Greenlining Institute

Gil Tal, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies

Daniel Witt, Tesla