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ELS members Kaitlyn Kalua '16, Meredith Hankins '16, Sophie Wenzlau '17, Victoria Bogdan Tejeda '17, Sean Drake '17, Abby Bloetscher '16, and James Swearingen '16 at the 2015 PIELC in Eugene, OR


ELS members at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) @ the University of Oregon


ELS members on the McGowan Grove Hike during PIELC


ELS members Kaitlyn Kalua & Shannon Morrissey in McGowan Grove

Earth Day Potluck Group Photo
ELS Members at the 2014 Earth Day Potluck

Top Row: Randy Reck ('16), Meredith Hankins (’16), Laura Taylor (’16), William Stanger (’14).

Bottom Row: Linda Sobczynski (’15), Anne Baptiste (’14), Stephanie Hall (’14), Rebecca LaGrandeur ('15), Danielle Manning ('16), Abby Bloetscher ('16), Kelly Obranowicz (’15), Professor Frank, Shannon Morrissey (‘15), Katie O’Ferrall (’14), Kaitlyn Kalua (’16), Ronny Clausner (’14), Michael Murza (’13), Ara Karamian (’16).

ELS members at the end of year potluck.

Annie Batanides ('14), Laura Flynn ('16), Randy Reck ('16), Ara Karamian ('16), and Kaitlyn Kalua ('16) enjoying the potluck!

2014 ELS potluck.

Three generations of ELS chairs come together to celebrate Earth Day and the success of ELS at UC Davis. Kelly Obranowicz ('15), Michael Murza ('13), and Laura Taylor ('16).