Welcome to the King Hall Veterans Association (KHVA) website. KHVA exists to bridge the gap between veteran and non-veteran law students through honest and intelligent conversation, events that bring together these two groups, and by connecting with members of the community who are either veterans themselves or supporters of veterans. 

KHVA's Goals:

  1. Establish a strong network among current and future law students and King Hall alumni who served in the United States Armed Forces.
  2. Provide opportunities for King Hall student veterans to network with practicing attorneys who support military veterans. This will be accomplished by hosting social events and speaker bureaus.
  3. Increase awareness of veteran issues within the King Hall community. Specifically, we hope to educate the members of King Hall about the struggles veterans face while transitioning from the military and how those struggles intersect with the law.
  4. Demystify the Armed Forces and counter military stereotypes and generalizations by providing a recognized organization of open-minded veterans and military members willing to respectfully discuss and debate any and all issues that are of interest to the rest of the King Hall community.
  5. Serve as mentors to other veterans, particularly UC Davis undergraduates, who are interested in pursuing graduate-level education.