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Friday, October 11, 2013

Immigration Reform: What's Next?

The US has over 40 million foreign-born residents, almost 20 percent of the world’s migrant stock. Over a quarter of these migrants, some 11 million, are irregular, and three-fourths of these irregular migrants are in the labor force.

The Senate approved a comprehensive reform bill in June on a 68-32 vote. The House Judiciary Committee approved four bills in June 2013 that would increase enforcement and expedite the entry of guest workers for agriculture and STEM occupations.

Recent changes in immigration laws and flows are reshaping immigration to this country. This conference summarizes the current status of immigration reform in the United States and the impact of these changes on our society, economy and political system. This conference is organized by the Immigration Law Association of UC Davis with the generous support of the Giannini Foundation, the Gifford Center, and the IFHA Temporary Migration project.           


9:15     “The Need for Comprehensive Reform”

  • Ana Avendaño (AFL-CIO)
  • Steve Li (UC Davis Class of 2014/ASPIRE)
10:00   “Changes in US Immigration Law”
  • Aarti Kohli (National Immigration Law Center)
  • Richard Boswell (UC Hastings)
  • Marcine Seid (Seid Law/AILA Director of Board of Governors)
  • Rose Cuison-Villazor (UC Davis School of Law) (moderator)
11:30   “Skilled Employment/STEM”
  • Magnus Lofstrom (PPIC)
  • David Hardtke (Chief Scientist at Bright)
  • Giovanni Peri (UC Davis) (moderator)

12:15  Lunch Session "The Impact of US Immigration Policy on Competitiveness"

  • Vivek Wadhwa (author of "The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent")  
  • Amandeep Kaur (UC Davis)  
  • Hanna Siegel (The Partnership for a New American Economy)  
  • Jake Colvin (NFTC)
1:45     “Low Wage Workers”
  • Francisco Ugarte (Dolores Street Community Services)
  • Gabriel Chin (UC Davis School of Law)
  • Leticia Saucedo (UC Davis School of Law) (moderator)
3:15     “Agriculture” 
  • Ed Taylor (UC Davis)
  • Phillip Martin (UC Davis)
4:30     “Where Do We Go from Here?” 
  • Kevin Johnson (UC Davis School of Law)
  • Bill Hing ( UC Davis School of Law/University of San Francisco)
5:30     Reception




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