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Cleveland, Ohio (2010)

In 2010, HALO partnered with the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland to send twenty-five law students to Cleveland, Ohio. For the last 20 years, Cleveland has been ranked one of the poorest large cities in the country, with a declining population and a poverty rate of 31.3% in 2003. It has also struggled to deliver quality education to its residents. HALO members staffed legal clinics on-site in community centers throughout Cleveland to help clients represent themselves.

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Our trips would not be possible without the support and generosity of our law school peers, friends, family members, the law school administration, and local law firms. HALO is grateful for all of their support and encouragement. HALO would like to extend special gratitude to the following generous people and organizations who were particularly helpful in our 2010 trip:

King Hall Annual Fund
Law Students Association
Bill Hing
Anupam Chander
Raymond Lim and Annie Lim
Yonwen Chou and Ariene Chou
Patrick Chan and Kue Chau Loh
Miguel Angel Mendez and Gabriela Mendez
Alan T. Hui and Kitty M. Hui
Margaret Johns
Clayton Tanaka
Edward Imwinkelried
William Wiecek
Simon Chiu and Christine Chan-Chiu
Duncan McIntyre
Cho Family
Jill Nuique
Ferdinand Lipana and Bernadine Lipana-Hui
Professor John Oakley and Fredericka Oakley
L.R. Pruitt
Jacquelyn Ranking and Nathaniel Rankin
Oliver Ehlinger
Barbara and Dennis Grenczyk
Michelle Barth
Richard and Linda Craft
Stephanie Wong
Chihung and Mali Shu
Olivia Kormeier
Lisa and Keith Lyytikainen
Lizzette Contreras
Margaret Coyle
Ruth Graham and Ted McNeill