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East St. Louis, Illinois (2009)

In 2009, HALO sent seventeen law students to East St. Louis, Illinois. East St. Louis is a small city across the river from St. Louis. East St. Louis has serious problems with poverty, violence, and corrupt landlords and officials. HALO members in East St. Louis performed legal research for Land of Lincoln Legal Aid and delivered food to the homeless. HALO members also volunteered in St. Louis, drafting contracts for a St. Louis charity, teaching street law classes to St. Louis students, and volunteering at a St. Louis soup kitchen.

Video of our presentation on the trip is available on UC Davis's special events page.  Please select Humanitarian Legal Aid Organization (HALO): Post-Trip Report: East St. Louis to view the video. The slides from our presentation are available here.

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Our trips would not be possible without the support and generosity of our law school peers, friends, family members, the law school administration, and local law firms. HALO is grateful for all of their support and encouragement. HALO would like to extend special gratitude to the following generous people and organizations who were particularly helpful in our 2009 trip:

Dean’s Office, UC Davis School of Law
King Hall Law Student Association, UC Davis School of Law
King Hall Annual Fund
Grace and Peace Winter Shelter, St. Louis, MO
Sophia's Thai Kitchen
Professor Diane Amann
The Brack Family
Mark Breimhorst
Janice Brickley
The Cho Family
Professor Floyd F. Feeney
The Grzenczyk Family
Professor Lisa Ikemoto
Professor Edward Imwinkelried
Professor Margaret Johns
The Kline Family
Eliza Kozad
Olivia Kormeier
Professor Evelyn Lewis
Professor Albert Lin
Judge Donna Petre
Bev and Scott Martin
Dusty Ann Martin
Jancis Martin
Richard & Patricia Mathews
Charlotte Mathews
Duncan McIntyre
The Meledandri Family Trust
Brian Schaefer
Jessica Stone
Professor Clayton Tanaka
Brooke Yaussi
Julia Yung