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photo of Jillian Ames
Jillian Ames, Class of 2021

Jillian is a second-year law student at King Hall. Jillian grew up in Santa Cruz, California, but spent several years living outside the state. Following her undergraduate studies at UCLA, Jillian moved to Austin, Texas where she received her M.A. in Geography/ Environmental Studies at the University of Austin, Texas. Her research focused on global health, climate change, and wildlife conservation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Upon graduating in 2016, Jillian moved to Washington D.C. where she worked in technical management consulting before deciding to move back to her home state for law school. This past summer, Jillian worked at the California Office of the Attorney General for the Environmental sections. At King Hall, Jillian is involved in the Environs journal, serves as the Westlaw student representative, is a research assistant for Professor Lin and Professor Frank, and TAs for Professor Windsor. In her free time, Jillian enjoys swimming, running, and hiking in Desolation Wilderness.

photo of Samantha Blemker
Samantha Blemker, Class of 2021

Sam is a 2L at King Hall and serves as the ELS Co-Chair. She grew up in Camarillo, CA, but went back east to Villanova University where she received a B.S. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Geography. Sam conducted numerous research projects in undergrad that focused on coastal ecosystems along the East Coast and in Puerto Rico. When she is not studying, Sam enjoys going to spin classes, cooking vegan cuisine, and listening to music or podcasts.

photo of Carson Graves
Carson Graves, Class of 2021

Carson is a second-year law student at King Hall. He received his B.A. in Political Science from UC Davis in 2018, as well as two minors in Economics and Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Originally from Ventura, CA, Carson grew up hiking, backpacking, and enjoying the outdoors. During his undergraduate studies, Carson guided two 10-day backpacking trips along the John Muir Trail, which he aims to complete in its entirety one day! He hopes to pursue a career in environmental law in order to help preserve the landscapes that have inspired him so much. Carson spent his 1L summer as a Judicial Extern at the Sacramento Superior Court and is looking forward to being a legal intern with the CA State Water Resources Control Board this upcoming 2020 summer. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, checking national parks off his bucket-list, touring craft breweries, backpacking, and anything to do with the ocean. 

photo of Peter Jansen
Peter Jansen, Class of 2020
Symposium Chair

Peter is a third year at King Hall and serves as Symposium Co-Chair. He also assists the Environs journal in an advisory role (Peter was the 2L Editor in Chief) and is Vice President of the Water Association of Law and Policy. Peter is interested in ecology law and saving endangered species and ecosystems from irreparable climate change damage. 

Peter hails from Chicago, receiving his BA in Political Science from Lake Forest College. Before attending law school, Peter was a project specialist for Schiff Hardin LLP, where he primarily worked on corporate and environmental issues. Peter loves the outdoors and challenging treks. He also enjoys lifting weights and a variety of sports. 

photo of Kelly Beskin
Kelly Beskin, Class of 2021
Symposium Chair

Kelly is a second-year law student at King Hall. She grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and received her B.S. in entomology from the University of Georgia in 2013. She continued her work in entomology and completed her M.S. from Texas A&M University in 2016. Her master’s work focused on the impacts of larval digestion on volatile emissions from different types of livestock manures. Kelly is interested in using her science background to pursue a career in environmental law. This summer Kelly externed for Magistrate Judge Dennis M. Cota in the Eastern District of California. In her free time, she enjoys homebrewing, spending time outdoors, and traveling.

photo of Cameron Gable
Cameron Gable, Class of 2021
Conference Chair

Cameron is a second-year law student and one of the Conference Chairs for ELS. Cameron grew up in Southern California and graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2015 with a BA in political science. After college, he worked at a healthcare startup in San Francisco before working at craft cider distillery in Austria. Cameron spent his 1L summer working as a judicial extern for a federal judge in San Diego. In his free time, Cameron enjoys spending time in the Eastern Sierras, hiking, cycling, and camping.

Laura Kurtz, Class of 2021
Conference Chair

Laura is a second year law student and is one of the Conference Chairs. She is originally from the Bay Area and attended UC Davis for undergrad, where she double majored in English and Spanish. After graduation, Laura directed canvass offices in DC and San Francisco, working on a variety of grassroots campaigns including working to ban fracking in California. Most recently, Laura worked at the Sierra Club in the membership department. These experiences inspired her to pursue environmental justice work and other types of public interest law. Here at King Hall, Laura is also involved with SAMI, HALO and Social Justice Law Review. In her free time, Laura enjoys running, reading, and spending time outdoors.

photo of Kate Cooper
Kate Cooper, Class of 2021
Web/Marketing Chair

Kate is a 2L and an editor of Environs in addition to her involvement with ELS. Kate has a B.S. in Environmental Studies and was an Environmental Ethics Fellow as an undergrad. Kate developed a deep appreciation for the environment growing up, and since then has been interested in environmental issues. During college she interned at a land trust in the East Bay and before law school she worked at The Nature Conservancy. Kate spent her 1L summer working at CAL FIRE and will be externing at the State Water Resources Control Board. Kate enjoys hiking, yoga, and spending time with her dog.

photo of Marissa Fuentes
Marissa Fuentes, Class of 2020
General Board Member

Marissa is a 3L at King Hall and a General Board Member. Marissa previously served as ELS' Co-Chair (2018-2019) and as a member of the Symposium Committee (2017-2018). Marissa grew up in Southern California but has spent the past 6 years in Northern California. She recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz, where she studied Environmental Studies and Legal Studies. During her undergraduate years, she interned at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., working with the Environment and Natural Resources section. Marissa spent her 1L summer at the California Department of Justice, working for the Environmental, Natural Resources, and Land Law sections and her 2L summer at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in San Francisco. Marissa is also an Executive Editor for Environs and a Research Assistant. In her free time, Marissa enjoys working out, eating, online shopping, in-person shopping, and watching the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants.

Tessa Opalach, Class of 2020
General Board Member

Tessa is a 3L student at King Hall and serves as General Board Member. Tessa previously served as Co-Chair (2018-19) ad 1L Representative (2017-18). She grew up in Arcata, CA and received her B.A. in International Relations, History, and Spanish from UC Davis in 2015. Before attending law school, Tessa worked with a facilitation firm implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) in several sub basins in northern California. She also volunteered with an irrigation and pest management project in rural Bolivia. Tessa enjoys hiking, picnics, and reading memoirs. 

photo of Sylwia Dakowicz
Sylwia Dakowicz, Class of 2020
General Board Member

Sylwia is a 3L law student. She has interned at the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Independent Systems Operator. In addition, she was a Summer Associate, and will work post-law school, at Duncan Weinberg Genzer and Pembroke LLC, a boutique energy law firm. When she is not preoccupied with energy law, policy, and markets, she enjoys hiking, camping, and coffee.  

photo of Adam Vasquez
Adam Vasquez, Class of 2021
General Board Member

Adam Vasquez is a second year law student and serves as General Board Member of ELS as well as an editor of Environs. Adam spent his 1L summer working for the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation, an environmental non-profit and currently clerks for Soluri Meserve, a Sacramento Environmental law firm. Prior to attending law school, Adam studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he majored in Political Science as well as Philosophy of Ethics and Public Policy. Adam's hobbies include rugby, backpacking, and poetry.

photo of Lucy Cain
Lucy Cain, Class of 2020
General Board Member

Lucy grew up in the East Bay Area and is a proud Double-Aggie, having attended UC Davis as an undergraduate. In her free time, Lucy enjoys playing video games, following the Giants and the As, and walking in nature. Lucy's interest in environmental law was sparked after arriving at King Hall and she looks forward to another great year with ELS!


photo of Mina Arasteh
Mina Arasteh, Class of 2021
Diversity Co-Chair

Mina is a second year student at UC Davis School of Law, where she stays busy with ELS, moot court, Environs, and as co-president of the Middle Eastern and South Asian Law Student Association. Last summer she interned in San Diego at the Attorney General's Environmental Justice Bureau. She is currently enjoying externing at the State Water Resource Control Board Office of Enforcement in Sacramento. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and dog, Torito. 

photo of Grecia Orozco
Grecia Orozco, Class of 2022
Diversity Co-Chair

Grecia is a first-year law student at UC Davis and serves as the ELS Diversity Co-Chair. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA and received her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Anthropology, as well as a minor in Global Sustainability. In undergrad, she conducted research on environmental justice and the effects of environmental racism on low-income communities. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dog, archery, and a variety of tabletop games. 

photo of Sara Eddy
Sara Eddy, Class of 2022
1L Representative and Skills/Outdoor Activity Chair

Sara is a first year law student at King Hall. Sara grew up in Olympia, WA and moved to California to attend Cal Poly for undergrad. She received a B.S. in Environmental Earth Sciences in 2018. She has worked as a legal assistant at a small firm and has been involved with various environmental nonprofits. She is specifically interested in groundwater and soil. Sara is an avid rock climber, skier and swimmer.


 photo of Vivienne Pismarov
Vivienne Pismarov, Class of 2022
Symposium Committee

Vivienne is a 1L at King Hall and a Symposium Committee Member. Vivienne is from Los Angeles, California and recently graduated from the University of Francisco, where she studied Psychology and Legal Studies. During her undergraduate career, she interned at the American Civil Liberties's Jails Project, the Public Defenders Service of D.C., and the Natural Resources Defense Council in San Francisco. Vivienne is on King Hall's Trial Practice Competition Team and is also a 1L Research Editor for Environs, the Social Justice Law Review, and the Journal for International Law and Policy. For fun, Vivienne enjoys going to the beach, dog-watching, and watching reality TV shows.

photo of Tyler Szeto
Tyler Szeto, Class of 2022
1L Representative

Tyler is a first-year law student at King Hall. She grew up in Southern California and received her B.S. in environmental engineering from the University of Minnesota. While she was an undergrad, she worked for the University of Minnesota Recycling Program where she found her passion in solid waste management. Her senior thesis was on household organics recycling where she analyzed contamination rates and how they varied based on demographic characteristics and environmental beliefs and practices. At King Hall Tyler is a 1L Editor for Environs and a member of the Gender and Name Change Project. In her free time she enjoys baking, reading, crafting, and rock climbing. 

photo of Danielle Rosenduft
Danielle Rosenduft, Class of 2022
Symposium Committee

Danielle Rosenduft is a first-year law student and serves as a Symposium Committee Member for ELS. She graduated in 2018 from Northeastern University with a degree in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Before coming to law school, she spent a year working as a conflicts analyst for a law firm in Palo Alto. She has previously interned for U.S. Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the Sierra Club, and Congressman Scott Peters re-election campaign. She is passionate about marine life and hopes to pursue a career in energy law. In her free time, she loves cheering on the San Jose Sharks and the San Francisco 49ers. 

photo of Kathrine Schulze
Kathrine Schulze, Class of 2022
Symposium Committee

Kathrine Schulze is a first-year law student and serves as a Symposium Committee Member for ELS. Before coming to law school, she worked as a paralegal in a corporate law firm in New York. Previously, she worked in public relations and journalism. She is interested in the intersection of environmental law and human rights. In her free time, she loves to hike, rock climb, and travel.  

photo of Lauren Murvihill
Lauren Murvihill, Class of 2022
Symposium Committee

Lauren is a first-year student and a Symposium Committee Member for ELS. She grew up in Fremont, CA, and graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Political Science–Public Service and Linguistics. During her time in undergrad, Lauren got involved in environmental justice and advocacy work through student government and interning with the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Unit and the Sierra Club. She has conducted research regarding the intersection of environmental injustice and linguistic isolation, a topic she is especially interested in. At King Hall, Lauren is also a Bluebook editor for Environs and a member of the Water Association of Law and Policy and the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association. In her spare time, she loves to listen to her vinyl record collection and play with her dog. 

photo of Sarah Goldberg
Sarah Goldberg, Class of 2022
Junior Treasurer

Sarah is a first-year law student at King Hall and serves as the ELS assistant treasurer. She grew up in Santa Rosa, California and attended Mason Gross School of the Arts conservatory at Rutgers University on the east coast. She graduated with a BFA in Acting with one year spent studying in London at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. She spent the next six years working in New York City and was involved with grassroots climate change action and voting rights efforts. Her interest in energy law and environmental policy reform was spurred by the effects of the Tubbs fire on her hometown. Her hobbies include hiking, sketching, traveling, and befriending animals.   

photo of Anaiz Martinez
Anaiz Martinez, Class of 2022
Junior Conference Chair

Anaiz is a 1L at King Hall and serves as the Junior Conference Chair. She also serves as the International Environmental Law Chair for KHILA. She grew up in Milpitas, California and received her B.S. in Political Science and Government from Ashford University. She joined the Air Force in 2012 and served for 7 years as a surgical technician where she also managed the sterile processing department. She is an Air Force spouse currently and has 3 awesome kids. She enjoys spending time outdoors, running 5Ks, and vegan baking.