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photo of Meredith Hankins
Meredith Hankins, Class of 2016

Meredith Hankins is a third year law student and Co-Chair of ELS. She also served on the ELS board her 1L and 2L years, and is dedicated to supporting the environmental law community at King Hall. Previously, she served as Co-Editor in Chief of Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal. While in law school, she has worked at the Center for Biological Diversity, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger. Prior to law school, she earned her B.S. in Chemical (Environmental) Engineering from the University of Southern California and spent four years as a permitting engineer at the South Coast Air Quality Management District, where she evaluated petroleum refinery compliance with federal, state, and local air quality regulations. She enjoys hugging trees, drinking IPAs, and cheering for the LA Kings.

photo of Sophie Wenzlau
Sophie Wenzlau, Class of 2017

Sophie Wenzlau is a second year law student and a Co-Chair of ELS. A Pacific Northwest native, she received her bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from Western Washington University. Before law school, Sophie worked with small-scale farmers in rural India to develop and monitor rainwater catchment systems, and also worked as a senior fellow at the Worldwatch Institute, an environmental think tank in Washington, D.C. As a law student, Sophie has worked for the California Attorney General’s Office in the natural resources section and for the State Water Resources Control Board’s Office of Enforcement. Sophie is also a board member with the Water Association of Law & Policy and an executive editor of Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal. In her free time, she loves to rock climb, daydream, and adventure.  

photo of Michel Wigney
Michel Wigney, Class of 2017

Michel Wigney is a second year law student and the Treasurer for ELS. She earned her bachelor's degree in History and Political Science from Ohio Wesleyan University before arriving at King Hall. Her interest in environmental law developed as she worked for Senate Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, and environmental law firm Remy, Moose, Manley. Her other primary King Hall position is as Marketing Director for the Business Law Journal. If she had spare time, she enjoys reading, crocheting, and travel.

photo of Sean Drake
Sean Drake, Class of 2017
Conferences Co-Chair

Sean Drake is a second year law student and Conferences Co-Chair of ELS. He earned his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Classics at the University of Southern California, where he developed a passion for ocean and coastal law. Building on this interest, he spent his 1L summer in San Francisco working in the permit enforcement division of the California Coastal Commission. In addition to his position on the ELS board, Sean is Co-Editor in Chief ofEnvirons Environmental Law and Policy Journal, and enjoys watching USC football and being active in the outdoors.

photo of John Miller
John Miller, Class of 2017
Conferences Co-Chair

John Miller is a second year law student and Conference Co-chair of ELS. Prior to attending King Hall, John received bachelor's degrees in Classical Languages and Literature and in US History. In the past year, John has worked for the Honorable Judge Real, a Federal district judge, and has recently begun work with MWE China as a Foreign Legal Advisor. When John is not fundraising for the Yosemite Conference, he is serves a volunteer translator the Legal Aid Association of California and chief fundraiser for the Humanitarian Legal Aid Organization.

photo of Victoria Bogdan Tejeda
Victoria Bogdan Tejeda, Class of 2017
Symposium Co-Chair

Victoria A. Bogdan Tejeda is committed to environmental advocacy. Before law school she wrote grant proposals for The Nature Conservancy, raised funds to support innovative uses of water law for former California Secretary of Resources Huey D. Johnson, and consulted for groups including Yosemite Conservancy, Fair Trade USA, and the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership. Outside of work she co-founded the volunteer group Nerds for Nature, which brings technologists, designers, and environmentalists together in creative collaboration. She is an Executive Editor with Environs Law and Policy Journal and interned at the California Coastal Commission and Center for Biological Diversity. Her favorite place is a hidden spot along the California coast. 

photo of Kaitlyn Kalua
Kaitlyn Kalua, Class of 2016
Symposium Co-Chair

Kaitlyn Kalua is a third year law student and Symposium Co-Chair for ELS. She received her B.A in International Relations with a concentration in Global Environment, Natural Resources, and Human Health from UC Davis. Prior to attending law school, Kaitlyn worked with Ocean Conservancy’s Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning program, where she engaged in federal policy to reduce offshore user conflicts and strengthen regional ocean management programs. She has continued her interest in the challenges surrounding effective resource management by working in various governmental agencies and in academia, including the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research, State Water Resources Control Board, and Stanford University's Center for Ocean Solutions. Kaitlyn is also the 2015-2016 Co-President for the Water Association of Law & Policy and previous executive editor for Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal. Outside of King Hall, Kaitlyn enjoys spending her weekends in the Sierras, along the California coastline, exploring local breweries, and rooting for Bay Area sports teams.

photo of Ara Karamian
Ara Karamian, Class of 2016
Events Co-Chair

Ara Karamian is a third year law student and Events Chair for ELS. Ara earned his bachelor's degree at UCSB, where his comparative political research in solar photovoltaic policy sparked his interest in environmental law. Ara has worked with environmental non-profits, government agencies, and in private practice, developing experience in three major perspectives of environmental law. In his off time, Ara enjoys exploring the outdoors and listening to music, sometimes at the same time. 

photo of Mack Carlson
Mack Carlson, Class of 2018
Events Co-Chair

Mack Carlson is a first-year law student at UC Davis School of Law.  He grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and received his B.S. in Geology and Environmental Science from Tufts University.  Prior to law school, Mack worked as a hydrogeologist for a mining company and in the water resources department at a water utility company. Passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act inspired him to pursue a legal education to apply his scientific background to tackling the new legal challenges associated with implementing this legislation. At King Hall, he is involved with various environmental groups including the Water Association of Law & Policy, and Environs Environmental Law & Policy Journal.  He is also an avid backpacker, snowboarder, and water polo player.

photo of Anne Badasci
Anne Badasci, Class of 2017
Web and Marketing Co-Chair

Anne Badasci is a second year law student and Web and Marketing Co-Chair of ELS. She is the Chair of the Agricultural Law Society and Secretary of the Water Association of Law and Policy. She received her bachelor’s degree from Fresno State, and plans to practice in water rights in the Central Valley. Last summer, Anne interned for the Air Resources Board in the offices of CalEPA, and will be working as a summer associate at Wanger Jones & Helsley in 2016. In her spare time, she enjoys corgi videos, Taylor Swift, and frisbee golf. 

photo of Olivia Filbrandt
Olivia Filbrandt, Class of 2017
Web and Marketing Co-Chair

Olivia Filbrandt is a second year law student and Web and Marketing Co-Chair of ELS. Passionate about land use and environmental regulation, she earned her bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and Spanish literatures from UC Berkeley. She has worked for Senator Barbara Boxer, for the U.S. District Court, and locally for the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research specializing in CEQA compliance and judicial review. Outside KHWLS, she is an Executive Editor of Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal and Publications Director of the Business Law Journal. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking Merlot and sending mail. 

photo of Dane Jones
Dane Jones, Class of 2018
Symposium Committee

Dane Jones is a first year law student and Junior Symposium Chair for ELS. Prior to attending King Hall, Dane received her bachelor's degree in Public Health at Brown University. Her love in food and agriculture led her to work as an agricultural researcher, a farmer and a nutritionist's assistant. Dane volunteers for Legal Services of Northern California and mentors undergraduates who hope to attend law school. Despite her busy schedule, Dane makes time for yoga, rock climbing, cooking and drinking good beer. 

photo of Sam Vice
Sam Vice, Class of 2018
Symposium Committee

Sam Vice is a first year law student and a member of the Symposium Committee of ELS. Sam earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Diego State University. Before coming to King Hall, he worked for Legal Aid of San Diego, and as a paralegal for several law offices in the North Bay Area. Sam’s experiences growing up spending his time outdoors, camping, fishing, and exploring Northern California has led him to pursue a career in environmental law. In addition to ELS, he is also involved with Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal, and most recently volunteered for the Legal Services of Northern California Consumer Protection Clinic. Sam's free time is spent hiking, reading novels, playing sports, and cheering for the San Francisco Giants.

photo of Jamie Katz
Jamie Katz, Class of 2018
Symposium Committee

Jamie Katz is a first year law student and a member of the symposium committee. His passion for working with the land began while helping his dad in the garden. As an undergraduate, he worked for and with farmers and sustainable food distributors to foster relationships between that community and organizations on campus. He later spent two years co-running a food security academy in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, where he learned with youth and at the intersection of environmental justice, economic justice, food justice, and youth empowerment. During his first semester at King Hall, he has had the privilege of working with tenants and legal workers in Sacramento as part of the Legal Services of Northern California Housing Clinic and as a researcher with the Sustainable Economies Law Center. He loves cooking, poetry, and the watching Cavaliers games. 

photo of Laura Taylor
Laura Taylor, Class of 2016
General Board Member

Laura Taylor is a third year law student who formerly served as the Co-chair and is a current General Board Member of ELS. Laura obtained her bachelor's degrees in Environmental Studies and Political Science with an emphasis on Public Policy from UC San Diego. She has worked for the Lanier Law Firm, California Air Resources Board, the Attorney General Lands, Natural Resources and Environment sections, as well as a boutique energy law firm entitled Braun Blaising McLauglin & Smith. Laura currently works for the water and natural resources firm of Somach Simmons & Dunn. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, snowboarding and playing with her white fluffy dog, Delilah.

photo of Andrea Abergel
Andrea Abergel, Class of 2016
General Board Member

Andrea Abergel is a third year law student and a general board member of ELS. Andrea earned her bachelors in Political Science and Psychology at UC Davis. Andrea's interest in environmental regulation grew during her positions at the federal Department of Transportation Pipeline mode, the Land Use Division of the Attorney General's Office, and as an Environmental Circuit Prosecutor Intern. Aside from her involvement in ELS, Andrea is the Vice Chair of King Hall's Moot Court Honors Board and treasurer for Lambda Law Students Association. Andrea enjoys going on hikes, baby animals, and the spending time outdoors. 

photo of Nick Moore
Nick Moore, Class of 2017
General Board Member

Nick Moore is a second year law student and a general board member of ELS. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in English and worked as a paralegal before coming to King Hall. He is also involved in Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal. His interest in environmental stems from a lifetime of exploring the natural world, mainly Northern California. 

photo of James Anderson
James Anderson, Class of 2017
General Board Member

James Anderson is a second year law student and general board member of ELS.  He is a sagittarius and enjoys poetry and long walks on the beach. At King Hall he is the Co-President of WALP and a Senior Article Editor for Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal. James studies primarily water law, energy law, and environmental law. He has worked for Placer County Water Agency specializing in water rights, NEPA compliance, and water service contracts, and hopes to move on and do work related to water use in California.  Outside of King Hall, he is a white water raft guide for OARS and he regularly travels to new rafting courses. 

photo of Emily Roberts
Emily Roberts, Class of 2018
General Board Member

Emily Roberts is a first year law student and 1L Board Member. She earned her undergraduate degree in Animal Science and Management and is a double Aggie (went to UC Davis for undergrad). Before college, Emily interned at the California Wolf Center in Julian, California to help reestablish the Mexican Gray Wolf population. She also worked for Nurtured by Nature, a small facility in Valley Center, California, to help disabled and terminally ill children interact with animals such as otters, kangaroos, and sloths for therapeutic purposes. She most recently worked at the Dallas Zoo as a mammal keeper and took care of tigers, otters, and primates. In addition to her position on the ELS board, Emily is an Environs Environmental Law and Policy editor, a member of the honors trial team, and is the 1L Education Policy Representative. Outside of school, Emily enjoys running, backpacking, ultimate frisbee, line dancing, and spending time with the hubby.

photo of Amanda Saunders
Amanda Saunders, Class of 2018
General Board Member

Amanda Saunders is a first-year law student and 1L Board Representative for ELS. Amanda grew up in Florida and received her B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Prior to law school, Amanda lived and worked in Durango, Colorado. She spent four years as the program coordinator at an environmental non-profit (working on climate action planning and consulting with businesses on resource efficiency issues), a year at a solar installer company, and most recently worked as a grants specialist for the State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs. In addition to her position with ELS, Amanda is also an editor for Environs Environmental Law & Policy Journal. In her free time, Amanda enjoys hiking, climbing, skiing, reading, and cooking.