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photo of Bella Spies
Bella Spies, Class of 2024

Bella (she/her) is a second-year law student at King Hall. She grew up in San Diego, California, and graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies. Prior to law school, Bella worked in the nonprofit sector where she helped build coalitions to support energy efficiency policies. This past summer, Bella interned at the California Air Resources Board (CARB), where she learned about climate and air quality regulation. Bella is passionate about increasing housing and energy affordability and creating climate-resilient communities through equitable and transformative policies. Bella enjoys playing board games, cycling, and live music.

photo of Hannah Mathieson
Hannah Mathieson, Class of 2024

Hannah (she/her) is a 2L at King Hall and currently serves on the ELS Board as Co-Chair. She is from Claremont, California and attended undergrad at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. After graduating with a double major in political science and history, she moved to Mito, Japan to teach English to high school students. Upon her return, she moved to Princeton, New Jersey to work for the Princeton University Department of Chemistry. At King Hall, she is an executive editor for Environs, on the First Generation Advocates Board, and a member of the National Lawyers Guild. In her free time, Hannah enjoys hiking, gardening, playing games, embroidery, and looking up all the adoptable dogs in a 50-mile radius.

photo of Sam Ramadan
Sam Ramadan, Class of 2024

Sam is a 2L at King Hall and serves as the ELS treasurer. Sam is from Fresno, California and graduated from UC Irvine with degrees in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Earth System Science with a minor in Global Sustainability. During undergrad, Sam studied native plant restoration and independently researched water use efficiencies of native and non-native plant species to aid restoration efforts during drought years. Sam enjoys rock climbing, surfing, and spending time outdoors with her bulldog, Daisy. 

photo of Kate Hamilton
Kate Hamilton, Class of 2024
Symposium Co-Chair

Kate is a second year at King Hall and currently serves as the symposium organizer for ELS as well as Water Association of Law and Policy (WALP). She grew up in Washington state and graduated from Seattle University with a degree in International Relations. Prior to attending law school, she channeled her passion for environmental justice as an organizer and project manager on various electoral and coalition building campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, rock climbing, and ski mountaineering. 

photo of Zach Castagnola-Johnson
Zach Castagnola-Johnson, Class of 2024
Symposium Co-Chair

Zach is a 2L at King Hall. In addition to his position with ELS, he is the Co-Chair of the Water Association of Law and Policy (WALP) and an Executive Editor of Environs. After his 1L, Zach completed a summer clerkship with Center for Food Safety, an environmental nonprofit focused on protecting people, farmers, and the earth from the harmful impacts of industrial agriculture. Before law school, Zach traveled and worked in the restaurant and wine industries, during which time he developed his interest in food systems and regenerative farming. In his free time, he loves rock climbing, reading, cycling, cooking, hiking, and spending time with his dog, Julian.

photo of Elizabeth Chi
Elizabeth Chi, Class of 2024
Environmental Justice Co-Chair

Elizabeth (she/her) is a second-year law student at King Hall. Prior to coming to law school, Elizabeth majored in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences at Cornell University. During her undergraduate years, she was a passionate climate justice activist and interned at several environmental nonprofits. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she advocated for park equity as a policy analyst at The City Project (a small environmental justice nonprofit) and worked in energy efficiency consulting at ICF. At King Hall, she hopes to gain the skills to become a better advocate for environmental justice. She is completing a Fall Externship with Communities for a Better Environment, a grassroots legal environmental justice organization, and is serving as an Executive Editor on Environs. She is also involved in the National Lawyers Guild. Outside of school, Elizabeth loves to go on hikes and cook for her friends. 

photo of Kay Raya-Morales
Kay Raya-Morales, Class of 2024
Diversity Chair

Kay is a 2L who serves as the Diversity Chair. She studied Business Economics/Accounting at UCLA. Prior to law school, Kay worked in immigration law where she filed visa, green card, and naturalization applications. At King Hall, Kay is excited to explore her interest in environmental justice. In her free time, Kay enjoys the gym, pole dancing, and thrift flip DIYs. 

photo of Cole Gray
Cole Gray, Class of 2024
Conference Chair

Cole (he/him) is a 2L at UC Davis and serves as the Conference Chair of ELS. He is also the Co-Chair of the Water Association of Law and Policy. He is interested in renewable energy and climate change governance. Before law school, he covered political news for The Hill newspaper, then helped start a local newspaper in the Nashville area, where he reported on local government, development, and transportation. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Tahoe and Big Sur, playing soccer, and running with his border collie.

photo of Adele Maxwell
Adele Maxwell, Class of 2024
Marketing Chair

Adele is a 2L at King Hall and currently serves as the Marketing Chair for ELS, the Treasurer for JLSA, the banquet chair for BLSA, and as a community service rep for LSA. She grew up in Seattle and spent her time exploring the Pacific Northwest and developing a passion for the outdoors and a love for the environment. Adele graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Drama and English. Prior to law school, she worked in the marketing department of a restaurant group and eventually in the purchasing department, where she worked on campaigns to eliminate all single-use plastic in over 20 restaurant locations. In her spare time, she loves (stress) baking, playing with her dog Lula, and exploring NorCal!

photo of Julia Homaechevarria
Julia Homaechevarria, Class of 2023
General Board Member

Julia (she/her) is a third-year law student at King Hall. She grew up in Boise, Idaho, and graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2018 with a B.S. in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. During undergrad, Julia conducted research on riparian vegetation restoration in Colorado, natural resource management in South Dakota, and the environmental impacts of tourism in Panama. Prior to law school she worked for Biomark in marketing and advertising. She spent her 1L summer she clerked for Advocates for the West and her 2L summer as an extern for the California State Water Resources Control Board, Office of Chief Counsel. During her free time, Julia enjoys yoga, rock climbing, hiking, watercolor painting, and baking.

photo of David Coats
David Coats, Class of 2023
General Board Member

David is a third year law student who is interested in water rights and environmental law. David grew up in Minden, NV. After high school David was a Navy Diver and a ski instructor before completing his undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley. David has worked with nonprofits in restoring and preserving waterways. In his free time he likes to ski and bike.

photo of Casey Loosbrock
Casey Loosbrock, Class of 2022
General Board Member

Casey is a 3L at King Hall and serves as a General Board Member. She graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Environmental Studies and Political Science. During her undergraduate career, Casey became passionate about using environmental law as a vehicle to fight injustice. Casey has held positions at multiple small environmental nonprofits, such as 350 Bay Area and Fossil Free California. There she was able to provide her local community with the tools to fight climate change. At King Hall, Casey is a part of Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal and the Social Justice Law Review. In her spare time, Casey likes to go antiquing, collect records, and spend time with her dog, Travolta.

photo of Katie Eng
Katie Eng, Class of 2024
General Board Member

Katie (she/her) is a 2L at King Hall and serves as a General Board Member. She graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a M.A. in Animal Studies. Prior to law school, Katie interned at nonprofits including the Animal Legal Defense Fund, NY Environmental Law & Justice Project and The River Project. At King Hall, she has worked at the Environmental Defense Fund and a firm focused on energy and utilities law. Katie is passionate about animal agriculture issues, marine conservation, renewable energy and ESG. In her free time, Katie enjoys cooking and playing tennis.

photo of Vrunda Shah
Vrunda Shah, Class of 2023
General Board Member

Vrunda is a third-year law student and serves as a General Board Member. She grew up in Fremont, CA and graduated from UC Riverside with a B.A. in Public Policy. During her undergraduate career, Vrunda interned at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Western Riverside Council of Government. During law school, Vrunda clerked at East Bay Municipal Utility District and was a summer associate at Richards Watson & Gershon. At King Hall, Vrunda has participated in the King Hall Negotiations Team, MENASA-LSA, King Hall Futbol Club, Environs - The Environmental Law and Policy Journal, Environmental Law Society. In her free time, she likes coastal hiking, playing sports, and traveling.