Donna Shestowsky
Professor Donna Shestowsky
Faculty Advisor

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KHNT Executive Board

photo of Kyle Junginger
Kyle Junginger, Class of 2014

Kyle is a third year law student and and previously served as the Vice President for the Negotiations Team last year. He was a semifinalist at the ABA National Negotiations Competition in 2012 and a finalist at the ABA Regional Negotiations Competition. He is also the Asylum Competition Vice Chair on the Moot Court Honors Board.

photo of Hank Nguyen
Hank Nguyen, Class of 2014
Vice President

photo of Josephine Lee
Josephine Lee, Class of 2015
Director of Administrative Affairs

photo of Hayes Hyde
Hayes Hyde, Class of 2015

photo of Sean Newland
Sean Newland, Class of 2014
External Competitions Chair

photo of Amanda Baratz
Amanda Baratz, Class of 2015
Internal Competitions Chair

photo of Chris Ronne
Chris Ronne, Class of 2015
Judge Liason

photo of Austin Cho
Austin Cho, Class of 2015
Marketing Director

photo of Graham Hoerauf
Graham Hoerauf, Class of 2015
Research Chair