La Raza Law Student Association - King Hall

Notable LRLSA Alumni

a torresArt Torres - Class of 1971: Former State Senator (24th District, 1982-1994) and State Assemblyman (1974-1982). He was also chairman of the California Democratic Party, the first Latino ever to hold this position.

patinoLorenzo Patiño - Class of 1973: First Chicano municipal judge in Sacramento (1980) and Founder of the Lorenzo Patiño School of Law in Sacramento. He lost his battle with leukemia in 1983.

a perezAmagda Perez - Class of 1991: Executive Director of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation and Professor at UC Davis School of Law.

Santos V. Gomez - Class of 1993: Former Directing Attorney of the Oxnard California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. Field Office, Migrant Unit.

Saul Garcia - Class of 1994: Directing Attorney of the Modesto California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. Field Office, Basic Unit.

Luis Angel Alejo - Class of 2001: State Assemblyman, 28th District.